Optimize carbon reporting and generate premiums
Your science-based source of primary carbon footprint data for food supply chains
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CarbonSpace’s fully-remote measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) platform provides sustainability leaders with primary carbon sequestration and emissions data at the farm level. Sustainability leaders use CarbonSpace for
Monitor and compare the performance of agricultural initiatives against historical data
Monitor farms and conservation areas with a unified tool
Use transparent, primary data instead of industry averages or calculators
Reporting and Verification
Returns on Sustainability Investment
Update emission factors and LCAs with primary data
Eliminate expensive onsite visits and time-consuming manual calculations
Generate third-party verified carbon claims and reports
Comply with CSRD, the Green Claims Directive, SBTi, and other requirements relevant to your supply chain
Report on all carbon pools with industry-leading accuracy backed by our peer-reviewed methodology
Choose low-carbon suppliers with greater ease and confidence
Implement data-backed product premiums
Why CarbonSpace?
Receive continuous ecosystem-level monitoring on a regular basis
Reducing emissions and sequestering carbon in the supply chain is key for reaching net zero targets. CarbonSpace’s NEE approach provides continuous, ecosystem-level monitoring so that you can report regularly on carbon reduction and sequestration from supply chain initiatives.
Use a single tool for all farms and nature conservation areas
No onsite operations or manual reporting mean you can onboard land areas remotely, across nearly any commodity or region globally. Our technology monitors both productive areas and nature conservation areas, meaning you don’t have to implement separate monitoring programs.
Rely on validated data from industry-leading researchers
With our peer-reviewed methodology and ISO 14064-3 validation, our data provides a solid foundation for your sustainability program. We’re members of SBTN’s Corporate Engagement Program and enable reporting in line with SBTi, CSRD, the Green Claims Directive, and other relevant requirements.
Let’s transform your MRV ROI
Legacy MRV Practices
Annual cost €2-5/ha
Resource- intensive site visits
Added consultancy and verification costs
Account for less carbon due to reserve buffers
Visibility of sampled farms only
MRV costs outweigh benefits
Annual cost <€1/ha
How it works
No onsite samples needed
Single tool for accounting and verification
Provide coordinates of your farms and nature conservation areas
Account for 10% more carbon with higher accuracy measurements
Full supply chain transparency
Receive carbon footprint data in a secure account
See ROI within 6-12 months
Generate reports and claims on supply chain performance