Our innovation
AI technology core leverages satellite, ground sensor and inventory data
Combination of “top-down” and “bottom-up” approaches increases the reliability of estimations;
Fully remote, doesn’t require any on-site operations;
High spatial (up to 30 meters) resolution;
High temporal (up to 1 week) resolution;
Global coverage.
Advantages of the technology
Top-down approach
Bottom-up approach
satellite imagery
Local map, 30-meter resolution
Global map,
5-10 km resolution
Machine learning algorithm
Ground stations
Ground stations
Global atmospheric transport model
Greenhouse gas observing satellites
Gathering multispectral imagery and gas concentrations from the satellites.
Feature extraction and preparation for data assimilation.
Estimating global carbon fluxes using data assimilation with transport model.

Restoring hi-res carbon fluxes with the use of extracted features.

Сollecting data
Modelling emissions
Aggregating data and preparing the personal account.
Providing estimations