SaaS platform for estimating carbon footprint from land-use
Ultimate self-onboarding tool for sustainability professionals, project managers, consultants and analysts
Our advantages
Easy onboarding and assets upload;
Automated estimation and updates of emissions;
Processing of different land-use types;
Customizable analytical dashboards and indicators;
Historical data since 2000;
High spatial resolution - up to 30 meters;
Global coverage;
Monthly and annual breakdowns for the whole portfolio and for each asset.
Any device, 24/7

Multi-user access

Secured personal accounts
€399 per month
30 assets

Area: 1000 ha (30-meter resolution) or 500,000 ha (5-10 km resolution)

Historical data since 2000

5 countries

5 accounts
Annual subscription package only
Annual subscription
On demand
Unlimited assets

Unlimited area (30-meter or 5-10km resolution)

Historical data since 1990

Unlimited countries

Unlimited accounts
Annual subscription package only
€99 per month
5 assets

Area: 100 ha (30-meter resolution) or 50,000 ha (5-10 km resolution)

5 years of historical data

1 countries

1 accounts