Our team
Dr. Oleg Demidov
15+ years in ICT, Space and Consulting domains
Co-founder of 3 ICT and Space startups including Navigine
Ray Mercedes
Innovation and Commercialization
20+ years in technology and innovation consulting
Managing Director at Pattern Group
Lydia Ashburn
Growth Marketing
3+ years of business strategy and analytics at high-growth companies
Igor Susman
10+ years in IT engineering internationally, from startups to big enterprise names
Dr. Geza Toth
EMEA Business Development
15+ years in connecting industry and applied science
Founder of SDG Partners consultancy
Emma Fourdan
EU Business Development
10+ years in marketing and business development in the EU
Inna Galinger
15+ years in finance, procurement and operational management
MBA with the VC focus
Dr. Ruslan Zhuravlev
Chief Scientific Officer
10+ years in atmospheric process modelling
Principle Investigator in satellite project GOSAT
Co-Founder of Aerostate 
Andrew Samodin
10+ years in communications and business development roles in FMCG and cleantech companies
Dr. Andrey Dara
10+ years in Remote sensing, GIS, ML, Time series analysis
Speaker at ESA and NASA conferences
Vitaly Pashkin
Lead Analyst
3+ years in market analysis and product positioning in Space domain
Rafael Fabbrini
ML engineer
5+ years in machine learning and data science
Our advisors
Michael Rottboll
Advisor in Agriculture
CFO and Partner in Quercus Group
Hrishabh Sandilya
Advisor in Sustainability
Co-Founder in ReImagined Futures
CEO in Project Phoenix
Global Shaper in WEF
Laurent Hans Couraudon
Advisor in Agroforestry
Ambassador of the APAF, Agroforestry-focused NGO
Connie Bowen
Advisor - Agriculture
Director of Innovation and Investment at AgLaunch
Dimitris Matsakis
Advisor in SpaceTech
Co-founder and Partner in P.L.A.N.
Mark Griffiths
Advisor in Certification
Global Leader Climate Business in the leading NGO
We welcome you to join us on the journey to create the new carbon footprint transparency standard