Creating the global carbon footprint transparency standard
AI technology core leverages satellite, ground sensor and inventory data
The Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) sector already accounts for almost a quarter of global emissions. Emissions from the food sector will continue to increase due to population and income growth, which drive demand for food and feed.
The Challenge
The exchange of carbon as a result of biological processes (soils, crops and trees, livestock) is especially hard to estimate. Existing tools have significant limitations: they are either costly or provide highly uncertain estimations. This might mislead climate action and slow down the sector’s transition towards net-zero.
We need to build a different tool for tracking emissions in the sector - the CarbonSpace platform.
A high spatial resolution of 30m allows estimating even small lands;
The Solution
Carbon emissions are estimated automatically, the process doesn't require any on-site operations or manual input;
Availability of historical estimations facilitates control of progress;
Monthly data updates provide the flexibility, which is crucial for the prompt response;
A unified approach to estimations generates data of the same high quality globally;
How it will change the world
Automated monthly and even weekly updates;

Land-specific estimations with high reliability;

Consistent historical estimations since 2000;

Democratization of access to financial incentives;

Costs less than 10 EUR per hectare.
Manual data collection;

Average estimations with high uncertainty;

No or low availability of historical data;

Financial incentives only for large-scale players;

Costs ~100 EUR per hectare.
Our Values